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Train Thinking

Train Thinking

Good evening everyone, 

You know when you are wondering about other people, when on a train, in the bus or just walking around, alone. I was thinking about this article the other day because my phone ran out of battery, and just realized how much of other people i’ve missed. Their face, their expressions and even their way of looking outside or even to other people.

One song kept popping up in my mind, “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. I remembered that weird episode of Grey’s Anatomy when Callie had her accident, right after Arizona asked her to marry her (s07e18 #shecrazy).

I asked myself why that song gave me such a precise memory. Well I think I just figured it out a little better: the song is talking about these stories that don’t mean anything if you have no one to tell them to.

It struck me because, on that train, this day and probably a lot of other days too, two out of three passengers were hanging in front of their screens. They had expressions, but you could feel like it was kind of less lighted in a way. I got off that train, thinking. Simply like that, what are my thoughts when i’m not on my phone ?

What grabs my attention when I am just looking at what surrounds me?

I didn’t remember when was the last time that it happened! Leaving my mind open to whatever thought came. It was like re-discovering something about myself. And that song, that powerful song was the perfect addition to make me feel like I had that mystical kind of power to let my mind live.

You can probably see me coming now, why are we putting ourselves through that ? People don’t talk, they don’t smile to each other. I mean, the thank yous and that expression of just helping someone, hold a door, for me it has been buried by my screen. Now I just don’t want to have battery anymore when I’m walking in the city, wandering from a place to another and letting myself be in the world.


Sometimes I wonder if it is the transition to adult life that feels that way.

When you have those glimpses and your spirit looks at you from a short distance and makes you realise where you are in life.

What about you and your nostalgic moments ? I feel like mine leave me a small tattoo that grows stronger and stronger every single time. 

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  • 1 year ago

    This was beautiful! Sometimes this happens to me, I’d sit on long car rides looking out the window drifting wondering about people and other aspects of my life. And sometimes it honestly calming to let your thoughts flow.

    xx Lena |

    • 1 year ago

      Thanks for your comment Lena! I agree, it is helpful to just let it flow sometimes ✨😘

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