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About Me

About Me


Ileana, 26, Switzerland


I am starting the adventure of creating my own personal blog!

After an eventful year in my life plan, I decided to begin a new journey by this redaction work.


I was born in Dominican Republic, where I lived for 5 years. I landed in Switzerland in 1997, graduated from high school with my Baccalauréat! (Yoohoo!) I was a little lost after all these years stuck in a chair listening (sometimes even carefully) to brilliant people, so I decided to stark working. I began by applying to a one-year internship in a commercial department which brought me the equivalent degree of a “CFC de commerce”. Unfortunately/fortunately (money, money, money) I started to work as an employee in a Hotel, as a receptionist.

I was not sure about anything still, so I decided to go back and study (yeah, you know, because you have to..), I was first a law student for a while and then moved to the Faculty of  Arts, in English, French and Information Technology. But something was still missing in my everyday routine : MOTIVATION. It resulted to : failure.

What I did not fail however, was the constant self-questioning which led me to share things and you reading them. (Thanks by the way!)

What you need to know

  • I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful guy (but like, really.) : Dylan.
  • I love so many things it it sometimes hard for me to focus on one subject only
  • This blog is my opportunity to share with people having similar interests
  • I am living in Switzerland, near Lausanne
  • I do speak Spanish, French, English, a little bit of German and also a little Italian. Lately I have been trying to learn Japanese! Watachi wa Ileana desu.
  • My comment doesn’t appear? Yes, I control whatever appears so I can delete spams. You will have to trust me on this!
  • There are some weird stuff about the way your blog works? Please, do NOT hesitate to communicate me anything you guys would like to see improved or any difficulties you met during your visit here. I would really like for you to enjoy your time. Plus, I love to geek so I promise to look for any solutions/answers.


Okay, so, I wanted to feel something inspiring when I though about the name of this website. Stuck in my 20s was definitely it. It brings my thoughts to self-questioning, many mindfulness inspo and a lot of other great cool terms out there (huh.).

My family name, Reyes, is actually my grand-mother’s who’s still living in Dominican Republic. My real name though, is Ileana Lantigua. Reyes sounds obviously better, but it is mostly a way to keep in mind my Grands and roots when I daydream about this blog’s ambitions.

I’d like to reach a large audience, so that’s why I translate my articles in English. I can however also do it in Spanish, but I have to admit that I don’t have the same orthographic skills, if you request it though I will do it gladly! I apologize in advance for any mistakes or weird expressions. My English level isn’t as good as the French one.

I wish you a good reading!



Also available in: Français

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