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5 Goals For The First Trimester of 2018

5 Goals For The First Trimester of 2018

5 Goals For The First Trimester of 2018

What will help us to feel good this new year!

Good Morning dear loves !

I missed writing so much! It’s been a while. It can feel hard sometimes to keep up with consistency since well, life happens. One morning you wake up and have so many thoughts that come naturally. I feel sometimes overwhelmed by all the great bloggers and content that are out there. That’s why I thought that writing an article about my goals of these 3 first months would help me get things straight.

So let’s jump into it. Happy freaking new year ! I am so happy of what 2017 brought into my life. So many new friends, new experiences, new job, my own blog, still happily in love and looking forward with opened arms to what’s coming next. Tell me in the comment, what are you grateful for 2017?


First : Blogging Consistency

Even if sometimes it feels like a lot to handle, I really want to work on the website and build (even a small) audience. I started connecting and reaching to other bloggers through social media and the support from one to another feels like a world that’s wanted to be explored for a very long time. I want to keep that in mind because that’s what made me want to write again, so other bloggers : thank you!

What it implies :

  • once a day, at least, take a look and participate actively on social media.
  • reach for new subjects and add it into a note so I know where to look for inspiration.
  • follow other bloggers for an extra motivation.
  • once a week, write a new post, keep it simple but focus on quality.
  • share!


Second : declutter

Something that I learned at the end of 2017, is that every time I clean up, getting rid of what was laying in our room felt like a renewal. I want to keep that in mind and once a month, just go and say goodbye of at least 3 things that haven’t been used. I don’t particularly like throwing things away, I prefer trying to give it to someone in need.


Third : Work out

I knooow, so cliché. Details though : I’ve tried loads of work out routines and I have to admit that I am a lazy person. I finally realised that I will never change this fact. But it’s OK. That being said, I don’t want to get to a fitness work out (done that, not for me), I want to start and enrol into a Boxing class. A friend of mine is currently enrolled in a a club and she has been shining with positive energy since she started. That’s what I want when I think about training. So next February, be careful around me! (I’d probably hit myself first anyways).


Four: Take care of people I love

Every year, I change. We all do. I feel like sometimes it is hard for our friends to keep up with us. For three years in a row you all had your habits and then something changes and you want something different. (Like spending New Year’s Eve in a different way). Well, I am so lucky because my friends and family have been there all the way during the process. I want to show them how much gratitude I feel for having them in my life. Send a little text once in a while, sharing a little though during the day, whatever keeps us connected.


Five: plan my next holidays

When I started working this morning (end of school holidays in Switzerland) I couldn’t stop thinking “omg, I don’t know when my next days off are going to be!bleeeh. Worse than a Sunday feeling. (which I share on Twitter btw). But when you have something to be happy about, days tend to get by faster !

That’s an easy one! I can’t wait to have something in my mind to look forward to! I have four destinations in mind that I want to check out this year, hopefully I’ll visit at least two of them:

  • Palma (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
  • Marrakesh (Morocco)
  • Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) … ( again?)
  • Fort Myers (FL, USA)

Mallorca is really something special : I was born in Dominican Republic, and my mother’s best friend had a little girl that was younger than me. Anyways, we kinda found each other on social media recently, and she’s currently living in Spain and kindly invited me to visit! How crazy nice is that? So definitely jumping right on that invitation.

Mentioning Fort Myers with a heavy heart because my sister lives there and it’s been two years since we saw each other. No need to mention that I miss her like crazy. So a big shout out to the ones reading that have an important person far away, it is not always easy.

what about you guys? what are your main motivations/goals/resolutions of 2k18 ? I hope you’ll inspire me for the next trimester!

2018 will bring some extra spicy crispy news

  • (hopefully) my driving licence! Guuuuuys, if you live near Lausanne, I would advise to take the bus the next few months or so..
  • new apartment! D. and I are finalising the discussion about moving in together ! (new post about it in a few days)

Loads of love, as always,


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  • 1 year ago

    I love these goals! And I love the thought of taking the year in months of 3. It’s a lot less overwhelming to conquer!

    • 1 year ago

      Thank you so much for your feedback Taylor ! Yeah it feels like a step by step achievement instead of letting the pressure and guilt overwhelming us through the year 😊
      Ileana R.

  • It's Megan
    1 year ago

    Love this! Planning your next holiday is such a good tip! I’ve read that planning your holidays make your brain kind of in that “holiday-mode” and the whole planning process becomes almost part of the vacation! Love it!

    • 1 year ago

      Hey girl! Thanks for passing by. And for the info! You are definitely right, I love planning in advance and be in the « dreamy » state of mind 😄😄

  • ashoepe
    1 year ago

    I SOOOO struggle with consistency! It’s the hardest part for me when there’s so much going on as well. I need to get better about sitting down every day and writing content!

    • 1 year ago

      Feel ya ! Thanks for the visit. We stick together in our trouble and everything will be fine 😄💪🏼

  • 1 year ago

    I have a massive struggle with consistency! I find that if I miss a day then it’s much, much easier to miss more days. Funny how it goes that way, isn’t it? I need to sit down and have some time set aside for writing AND working out! I love the idea of having goals for every three months. It seems much less intimidating than every week or every month. Love your blog! You have a new follower 🙂

    xo, Victoria

    • 9 months ago

      Thank you for your comment Victoria ! I feel you all the way. But you know what, the bigger the challenge the bigger the chances you succeed! At least that’s where I’m headed. Keep it up girl 🙂 xo

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